O’Jeju CI is visualizing a strong desire of enterprise that it eager to produce a product to the world which contains clean
Jeju images in it.
And also means the universe, nature and fructification are basically one.

Key word
Round circle in the middle means the universe, namely nature could not be separated from human.
Soft green leaf means germination, origin of life and the beginning. Symbol of O’Jeju,
as a small fruit, including strong wish which wants to introducing wonderful God’s small island
Jeju located in north-east Asia to the world.
Logo type
Wordmark of O’Jeju is composed of soft and amicable style of type which can be read easily
and transfers strong image to the customer with affirmative recognition.
It represents one of best enterprise images in Jeju strongly and elegantly for the purpose
of introducing Jeju to the world as a God’s nature.
Main Color
01 02 03 04
M70 / Y90 C25 Y100 K10 K100 K80
Only in case of background color is same to the main color, color of CI can be changed like above.

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