O'Jeju is a manufacturer of safe and healthy dried products from the remote island of Jeju, South Korea. We offer a wide range of locally produced fruits, vegetables and Korea's renowned dried kim-chi. Jeju Island is famous for its rich culture and fertile soil which have helped us to produce innovative all natural products to meet the dynamic needs of customers around the world.
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"SIAL, the world's largest food innovation marketplace" October 19 ~ 23, 2014 - Paris, France Thank you for those who visited O'JEJU Booth at SIAL PARIS 2014.  

Annapoorna World of food(INDIA)
9th Edition of International Exhibition for the Food & Beverage Trade September 24-26, 2014 - Mumbai, India Thank you for those who visited O'JEJU Booth at Annapoorna World of food 2014.

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